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Brain Scans

Our Mission

The mission of The Institute for Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury LLC (“ICTBI” or the “Institute”) is to provide funding to researchers and companies who have promising products to treat chronic traumatic brain injury but lack the resources to complete their Phase I and first Phase II FDA trials.

We define chronic traumatic brain injuries as those that have not responded to short-term treatments and still produce life-altering symptoms at least one year after the initial injury.

We are focusing on treatments for chronic TBI, not short-term treatments for concussions or other brain injuries. Chronic TBI has a devasting impact on most victims for the rest of their lives.

It creates both obvious and hidden costs for patients, families, and taxpayers:

– Direct expenditures on treatment and rehabilitation,
– Unmeasurable hardships incurred by unpaid caregivers and
– Wages lost because patients cannot return to work.

cTBI does not end life as often as it steals a life – preventing victims from participating in the joys of living as we all know it.

Our Strategy

Unlike most other charities, our principal focus is on making investments to support our mission (“Mission Related Investments”), not on providing grants.

As a venture philanthropy foundation, however, our focus is on investing in useful treatments, not maximizing financial performance.

Decades ago biomedical progress depended on capital markets to fund needed research and development. While that need continues, we have observed that capital market participants have added a requirement that charities or others need to fill because capital markets are reluctant to support promising developments until the developers have results comparable to those from an FDA Phase II trial.

Where capital markets have stepped aside to wait for Phase II trial results, we intend to step in and provide that funding – as charities have for decades – not as a grant but for equity with the same rights and benefits as other capital market participants.

Financial returns, if any, will be used to invest in additional clinical trials for promising cTBI therapies as well as broader mission-related goals including, but not limited to, furthering research for this condition, providing patient support or financially assisting those unable to afford treatment.

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